The Cocopani Story

A love of summer started early for Dan and Fleur. While Dan was a young boy growing up and living the beach life in the sunny south of Italy, Fleur was a young girl walking barefoot to Torbay beach in New Zealand. They both sought the beach.

Later on for both the move to Sydney soon saw them develop a deep passion for our summer lifestyle, and who can argue with them since we have such beautiful beaches and some of the best in the world!

So, lets fast-forward some years, and maybe a few sunburns later, Dan hooks up with Fleur and together with the soft squeaky sand under their feet, they see a need in the market for good quality beach umbrellas. Not the ugly and heavy ones that take forever to set up, that blow away or break after only one day at the beach. They want to make beach umbrellas that are long lasting. So, together in 2015 Dan and Fleur become co-owners of Cocopani.

Their dream wast to create beautiful and strong beach umbrellas and accessories with a choice of fantastic, modern designs that are fun, playful and stylish for everyone.

Cocopani’s bold, eye-catching and colourful prints are expressions of the warmth of the sun, the colours of the sea, and capture breathtaking sunrises and romantic sunsets.

Their latest collection of designer beach umbrellas and accessories are in collaboration with local artists and designers that embody the lively, carefree spirit and relaxed vibe that the Australian summer is all about.

See you all at the Beach!

xx Cocopani