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CocoSac Sandbag

Finally! No more chasing your flying umbrella at the beach!

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What is CocoSac?

    • The CocoSac is a refillable sandbag that fits inside the umbrella carry bag in an easy to reach pocket.
    • Once filled, it weights 13kg and attaches to the upper umbrella spokes, acting as a weight.
    • It keeps the umbrella stable in windy conditions and stops it flying away during strong wind gusts.
    • It has an easy clip on buckle with strap to attach the bag to the umbrella and matching print to complement your umbrella.
    • This gives you total peace of mind when you’re at the beach.
    • Every Cocopani beach umbrella comes complete with the exclusive CocoSac designed and developed by Cocopani.

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  Your Free CocoSac Sandbag is included!

Don’t let this happen to you! Watch the video and don’t forget to use your CocoSac!