Limoncello recipe

We promised you Nonna Luisa’s Limoncello recipe and here it is!
By the way she has just returned from Italy and already making some new Limoncello from her own garden Lemons.



• 9 Organic Lemons (This is a must)
• 1lt Grain Alcohol (You can use 100% pure vodka but it won’t taste the same)
• 1.5lt of water
• 700g of white sugar

• 1x Strainer
• 1x Pot
• 1x Big Jar with sealed tap


Step One
1. Peel 9 organic lemons. Make sure you only peel the skin without getting the white part of the lemon.
2. Place the lemon skins in a big jar and add the grain (pure) alcohol. Seal the jar and let it infuse for approx 20 days.
3. The lemons need to soak in this liquid for 20 days in order for the Limoncello to be bold yellow in colour and full of flavour.

Step Two
1. Bring 1.5 litres of water to a boil and add 700 grams of white sugar.
2. When the water cools add the marinated yellow alcohol to the water using a strainer so the lemon skins don’t go into the limoncello.
3. Put a glass of water into the jar, mix it around and add it to the mix. This will get the most flavour out of the lemon mix for the limoncello to be full of bold flavour.
4. Now mix the limoncello really well for a couple of minutes.

How to Serve it:
Serve the Limoncello in small glasses. Some Italians enjoy to drink it in a cold glass. To do this, place the glass in the freezer for about 20minutes before you drink the limoncello. 🍸

A word of advice! When drinking Limoncello in good company you will be tempted to drink more than one. So please drink responsibly.