Have you ever tasted Limoncello? 🍋

Maybe during a memorable holiday in Southern Italy after a delightful mediterranean feast? If not we’ll tell you a bit more about this amazing drink!

From the sunny walks along the beach to the colourful citrus orchards of Ischia, Capri and Amalfi to the cosmopolitan seaside and rich historical city centre of Sorrento, you will encounter lemon trees that stand tall and proud. They provide the essential ingredient in the creation of the Limoncello liqueur.

The king of the original recipe of Limoncello is the yellow lemon skin of the Femminello St. Teresa lemons which is the variety of lemons from the region. This is how limoncello is born, from a sober and genuine recipe, enriched by water, alcohol and spoons of sugar.

Did you know that Limoncello is the second most popular liquor in Italy after Campari? Well now that you know you must try it! 🍋

Limoncello is the perfect after dinner digestive and traditionally served chilled in a shot glass. To enhance the taste even the glasses are kept chilled, so you will be delighted with its strong lemon flavour. The original recipe has been passed on from generations and today’s Italian Nonna’s are the holders of the perfect recipe. We have our own, Nonna Luisa will share her recipe with us once of course she comes back from her Italian holiday.

Stay tuned our original Limoncello recipe coming soon... 🍋🍸