We often talk about Sun Safety, and the dangers of the strong sun rays, but we don’t discuss often enough the ever so important issue of beach Safety.

According to recent statistics in the USA alone between 2008 and 2017 over 31,000 people were treated at hospitals for umbrella related injuries. Unfortunately in Australia we don’t have up to date records of injuries caused by beach umbrellas since most injuries go unreported but we are aware of many cases. What???? you might be asking yourself. Is it possible? Well yes, in fact the latest death was just in 2016 when a British woman was impaled by a airborne beach umbrella in Virginia beach in the United States.

Wow that is quite disturbing if you consider that we have the perception that the humble umbrella is there to protect us, whereas it can become a powerful weapon that can cause severe injuries and even death. Next time you are at the beach by yourself, with family or friends remember that umbrellas are dangerous if left unattended and without proper weighing down.

Now the safest way to keep you umbrella grounded in windy conditions is to use the CocoSac sandbag. The CocoSac sandbag developed by Cocopani is the safest method of keeping your umbrella on the ground and stopping it from flying away. Think about it! Ships and boats of any size and shape still today use an anchor to stop them from floating away. Well the CocoSac works according to the same principle. The Sandbag full of sand weighing 13 kg attached to the umbrella top spokes stops it from flying away even in extreme windy conditions.

It's that simple! For your own piece of mind use a CocoSac sandbag and protect yourself, your loved ones and everyone else around you! See you all at the beach!