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Did You Know They Also Look Good In The Garden?
Bloom Fest Outdoor Umbrella by Cocopani

Beach Umbrella Details

Beautiful, colourful prints and a careful selection of quality materials, together with high standard workmanship is what makes a Cocopani beach umbrella so unique. Our focus is on beauty, maximum comfort, usability and safety.

Weather at the beach or in your garden, your Cocopani umbrella will offer you the best shade from the harsh Australian sun. With a 50+UPF Sun Safety rating you will be able to spend a lot more time outdoors enjoying our beautiful sunny weather.

Cocopani umbrella metal tilt


With the heavy duty metal tilt the umbrella can be tilted to directly face the sun.

Cocopani umbrella sand spike


The Cocopani sand spike makes it easier to place the bottom pole into the sand.

Cocopani umbrella pole joiner


Two pole system allows for easy installation.

Cocopani umbrella strap metal button


The umbrella strap is fitted with an elegant metal button.

CocoSac Sandbag

Pop Petal umbrella with CocoSac sandbag

Your umbrella won’t fly away with CocoSac

The CocoSac (Sandbag) is included

Every Cocopani beach umbrella comes complete with the exclusive CocoSac¬†05_SandBags_003designed and developed by Cocopani. The CocoSac is a refillable sandbag that fits inside the carry bag in an easy to reach pocket. Once filled, it weights 13kg and attaches to the upper spokes, acting as a weight. It keeps the umbrella stable in windy conditions and stops it from flying away during strong gusts of wind, ensuring peace of mind when you’re at the beach.

Prismatic Beach Umbrella by Cocopani

Umbrella Specifications

Pop Petal umbrella measurements
Pop Petal umbrella set
  • Exclusive full placement Cocopani print
  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
  • 180cm canopy
  • Heavy duty metal frame and ribs
  • Exclusive CocoSac (sandbag) included
  • Matching carry bag
  • Complete weight, only Kg 2.6
180 cm! The perfect size Canopy!

Sun Safety 

Sun safety beach umbrella 50+ UPF Certificate

Your sun safety is very important to us and we’re constantly improving our products to help prevent skin cancer.

Our beach umbrella provides the highest rating 50+UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). All our products are tested and certified by the Australian Government Agency ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).

Don’t Forget to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SLIP on SUNGLASSES & SEEK SHADE when outdoors!
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